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Market Data Desktop Scan

Reduce your market data desktop products & spend for your end-user base

Are you sometimes wondering whether you have too many high-tier market data desktop products for your end-user base? Are you concerned about the growing costs that these products represent? Would you like to obtain more insight into the alternative desktop products out there?

Our market data desktop scan helps you with all of this.

Review of your market data desktop products

By investing a relatively small amount of money that roughly equals the annual cost of one high-tier market data desktop product TRG Screen can review your currently installed market data desktop products1 and the roles (/profiles) that the end-users involved have. We advise you of  potential cost saving scenarios through the replacement of the high-tier terminal products.

All that we need from you is your permission to view and use your inventory data and any additional information such as organizational charts and/or job titles & roles descriptions.

Cost savings through alternative products

The deliverable will be a report that shows your end-user community of high-tier desktop users mapped to our proprietary benchmark user profiles. These user profiles have already been mapped to our library of the 20 most common market data desktop products available in the market right now.

To the extent that these alternative products offer the data and functionality that fulfill the requirements of a user profile they represent cost saving opportunities as their costs are substantially lower.

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Market Data Desktop Scan

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Ready to reduce your market data desktop products & spend for your end-user base?

Learn how to optimize your market data desktop landscape.

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Market data terminal landscape optimization

This offering is underpinned by TRG Screen's market data terminal landscape optimization approach which has been honed and improved over many years now. You can now take advantage of the insights and experiences that we have obtained as a result.

Format & additional services

In addition, we offer additional, supporting services that allow for an even more robust management of your market data terminal landscape.

→ Do you want to have a check on your market data desktop landscape every year?

You are offered the opportunity to purchase the market data desktop scan as a recurring service (for a minimum of 3 years), and we will give you a discount of 20% per annum on the price of a one-off purchase.

→ Do you want additional checks on the usage of Bloomberg terminals?

We will install DART to conduct live usage monitoring based on individual user accesses of Bloomberg terminals, and interpret results for the same price as for the market data desktop scan service.

→ Do you require more insight into the usage of web portal-based research services?

We will install ResearchMonitor and interpret results up to one-third of the number of high-tier terminals for the same price as for the market data desktop scan service.

(1If the total number of in-scope desktops is fewer than 50.)

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