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Market data vendor management

Work with the best vendors & solutions, and ensure having the best possible service agreements in place

Experiencing difficulties in selecting the best financial market data vendors and exchanges, and negotiating the best deals for your firm? Do you need temporary, immediate support with some market data sourcing and procurement issues?

TRG Screen provides market data vendor management expertise when not available in-house — in one or all market data procurement categories. For all operational and strategic challenges you may be facing.

The Market Data Industry is complex

Sourcing the right products for your organization is not easy as the market data industry is known for its:

  • Complexity in terms of vendors, products, service agreements, pricing structures and conditions of usage
  • Diversity with regard to end user requirements, business models, levels of in- or outsourcing required
  • Intensity in demand management due to continuously changing business requirements and vendor offerings
  • Commitment to ongoing budget control and cost reduction initiatives
  • Convergence in vendor offerings, with increasing levels of competition but also more choice for the user firms
  • Uncertainty about the exact contents of service offerings due to the lack of information and the limited exchange of information between market participants

Demanding users

At the same time market data sourcing professionals everywhere are under growing pressure as the requests of their clients, the users on the business side:

  • Are ad hoc (not planned, not budgeted)
  • Need to be addressed immediately (nature of the business)
  • Seem straightforward but are often very complex (financially, content-wise, technically)
  • Often relate to vendors and products that are not used (yet) in the organization
  • Result in extra costs which need to be (re)allocated
  • Have an impact on and interaction with other departments (Legal, Procurement, Compliance, IT Support, etc.)
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Challenges of market data managers

Some typical examples of the challenges market data managers are confronted with:

  • Evaluation of (financial) proposals from market data providers
  • Analysis of and recommendations for certain vendors
  • Identification of alternative products and market data providers
  • Checking of vendor-product references
  • Conducting complex and prolonged vendor negotiations
  • Benchmarking existing agreements (content-wise, financially, SLA terms & conditions, etc.)
  • Best market practice analysis

Sounds familiar? In order to help you address these challenges we have developed a vendor management service:

  • First indicative response to a request within 48 hours
  • Second qualified response within 1 week
  • Additional response depends on complexity of the request
  • Straightforward and timely client communications

Next to this (semi-)continuous service we also offer temporary support, or we can replace an experienced market data vendor manager or market data administrator who is on temporary leave.

What you could do under our Vendor Management Service

(depth, duration and deliverables subject to agreement)

  • Get support with a complex market data procurement/RFP project
  • Benchmark your agreements, products, and requirements against your peer group
  • Commission market research on market data vendors of your choice, with executable outcomes
  • Obtain a fast, succinct vendor SWOT Analysis for one or more market and reference data vendors
  • Get advice on the most suitable vendor products for all of your geographical markets
  • Learn from our client experiences and best market practices through roundtable meetings, TRG Screen Events or workshops
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