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Market research for market data providers

Obtain expert advice on the best strategies for market entry, product positioning, and launch options

Are you a provider of market data products and services, and are you considering entering new (geographical) markets? Are you looking for an update on your existing market (competition, alternatives, target audience, trends, potential, etc.)?

TRG Screen can help with its knowledge and expertise on vendor products and their clients – taking market research to the next level!

Up-to-date vendor information

From our experience we know that market data providers often find it difficult to keep their competitor information up-to-date, relevant and accurate. Do you?

We have access to all relevant vendors and their services, and has executed many vendor market research projects concentrating on the market environment, trends, client segmentation, functionality, and technology.

Ready to learn on the best strategies for market entry, product positioning, and launch options?

Learn how to best conduct market research.

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Firsthand knowledge & experience

As a specialist market data consultancy firm our industry experts have firsthand knowledge of and experience with vendors active within your region, and how their products and services are marketed.

We can help you identifying trends that are relevant to your market and your target audience. Without compromising confidentiality we advise on the best strategies for market entry, product positioning, and launch options.

Possible deliverables of a product/market survey

  • Relative market sizing
  • Market trends and environment analysis
  • Potential client groups and segmentation
  • Competitor survey including SWOT
  • Positioning and benchmarking of your products
  • Concrete recommendations
  • Meetings with prospected clients
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We have a proven track record of assisting financial institutions — with budgets of any size — globally with both their day to day and strategic market data & financial information management challenges.

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Key Benefits
  • Optimized market data services & cost
  • Secured market data compliance
  • Best industry practices