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TRG Screen's FITS User Groups 2019

TRG Screen's FITS User Groups were held in three locations around the globe at the close of 2019 and boasted record attendance. Interactive discussion was held on the floor in New York, Sydney and London, and enthusiastic networking carried on late after the events at our social sessions.

FITS User Group 2019

North America User Group in December

Despite bad weather causing travel delays, over a hundred clients attended TRG Screen's FITS User Group hosted at Citigroup in New York. The upcoming changes to our product offering and the changes to the overall structure of our program caused much excited at the meeting and the consensus was, 'This was the best one yet!'

The response from our FITS clients was that we had listened to their feedback from previous events and they very much enjoyed the direct client to client interaction, expert client panel and the extensive networking opportunities.

These discussions will continue in our virtual communities held each month, offering virtual connection opportunities until the next User Group hosted in June 2020. Our 2020 FITS User Groups will be our first combined event with our financial clients, covering all of our products.


At the North American User Group User Group we unveiled our multi-year plans to integrate our products into one robust solution and revamp our dashboard and reporting to help clients optimize their spend utilizing various tools and data. This was met with a lot of excitement and excellent feedback overall.

Sydney User Group in November

At TRG Screen's Sydney User Group we had record attendance including representation from all but one of our clients. Much general discussion well held around usage and tracking cost savings, all of which were well received by our clients.

Following the event, our social session ran well into the evening with much networking being done.

London User Group in December

Attendance at our London User Group was busy as usual and boasted active discussion around multiple topics. Clients were very happy by TRG Screen's message and our feedback on FITS's product development in general. After event drinks (and especially the fried chicken) kept us busy late on the roof top overlooking St Pauls.

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