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Data - it's the 'how' in asking for what your team needs

It’s difficult to ask for the resources your team needs when you can’t justify why you need them. As an information professional team leader, or team member, you might know that you need to right-size certain subscriptions, purchase new ones or do away with some that are being under-utilized - ultimately saving costs and boosting team efficiency - but it is difficult to justify this to management until you have established the reasons why, and can back them up.


To justify removing, right-sizing or purchasing additional resources, you need to paint a picture for management, or tell a story of what it is your team is currently doing (A); and what it is your team needs to be doing to achieve your goals (B); as well as how to effectively get from A - B.

Your team could probably continue operations without much friction, or need for justification. But there may be under-utilized resources at your disposal, or superfluous ones that could be discarded to cut costs, but changing the status quo often requires detailed and at length motivation, and will be sure to come under strict scrutiny by management unless presented adequately. The problem is, finding the information to put together a detailed account of your story can be time consuming. But not with good data at hand.

How can you justify changing the status quo to better achieve your team goals? The answer is, with good data.

Furthermore, if you have had systems in place for a long time without putting them under the microscope - analyzing current and relevant data related to your team’s goals - and haven’t reviewed whether your current systems are still helping to achieve these goals, chances are there is a lot of wasted time and inefficiencies in your processes.

Right-sizing subscriptions could save your firm significant costs but you are unlikely to be granted the go ahead by management to do so however, unless they can be presented with clear indication of this.

Analyze subscription use & spend to ensure better use of resources

Taking the right steps to make changes within your team’s processes can ensure swift rectification of outdated systems, ensure better use of current subscriptions, and assist in swifter achievement of your team’s goals:

  • Identify what it is your team is currently doing
  • Pinpoint what it is your team needs to be doing to achieve its goals
  • Analyze data in hand and present it to management to help articulate your needs
  • Watch as your efforts add value to the business

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