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Improved usage tracking of subscriptions accessed on mobile devices for remote working

With the increasing technology and cost of mobile devices, as well as user preferences, it is becoming less likely that firms will supply work phones. Instead, users are using personal devices to access online subscriptions remotely. How then is it possible to ensure safety and security with all your firm’s usernames and passwords?

Improved usage tracking of subscriptions accessed on mobile devices

In a time when work from home is in demand, and relied upon to follow through on usual systems and processes, mobile support to adequately monitor usage of online subscriptions is key.

Not only is access and monitoring important, but ease of usability and user friendliness is more important than ever as many more rely on using their devices when out of the office. This is not easy given the range of devices on the market.

ResearchHub is ResearchMonitor’s app for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. It offers easy-to-use mobile usage management functionality for online enterprise subscriptions accessed via mobile devices. It offers insight into usage data, despite being accessed via mobile, and is secure.

It also seamlessly integrates with TRG Screen’s enterprise spend management software solutions — FITS & INFOmatch — to give you total visibility over both spend and usage allowing you to truly optimize your subscription expenditure. Furthermore, as it is linked with your firm’s employee data, you can also be assured that only up to date, and validated users will be able to logon to the system.

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