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TRG Screen announces landmark release of Optimize Spend 2.0

Optimize Spend 2.0 offers extensive abilities to empower accurate inventory management for current and future periods, but crucially now also for historical periods.

Landmark release of Optimize Spend 2.0

TRG Screen are delighted to announce the landmark release of Optimize Spend 2.0. Optimize Spend is a major component of our industry leading Optimize platform, and this release marks the next phase of TRG Screen’s multi-million dollar investment in the platform.

Optimize is a completely flexible and scalable platform, able to deliver value to firms with only a few vendor relationships through to those managing hundreds of millions of dollars of subscriptions. TRG Screen enables more than 500 organizations worldwide to monitor and manage their high value enterprise subscriptions, delivering up to 30% cost savings.

Optimize Spend - The next generation of market data spend management

In building Optimize Spend our goal was to create the ultimate best of breed solution for market data focused expense management. By combining the deep functional capabilities previously found in our FITS product with the intuitive ease of use of our INFOmatch product, we have successfully created the industry leading tool for market data expense management.

We are delighted that the industry continues to react so positively to our offering. We have accelerated our already growing investment in its ever-expanding capabilities as the cornerstone of our growing integrated product suite.

Combined with our advanced reporting and analytics engine Optimize Insights, we can deliver transparency and cost management prowess across the full spectrum of spend, usage and compliance like never before.

Optimize Spend 2.0 - What's new?

Optimize Spend 2.0 offers even more extensive abilities to empower accurate inventory management for current and future periods, but crucially now also for historical periods. This can be managed on a record-by-record basis or via bulk uploads and multi-period reconciliation.

This adds incredible value and support for clients managing complex vendor inventories that may function without a centralized market data team or accounting methodology.

Users can now also benefit from enhanced functionality to further simplify the management of complex billing vendors with unique business logic (such as Bloomberg) included. This is complemented with tighter integration with TRG Screen’s cross-product Optimize Insights reporting and analytics engine.

TRG Screen’s dedicated development teams are already immersed in crafting the roadmap for the upcoming year. 2024 promises to be a hugely exciting year, with enhancements dedicated to the complexities of reference data inventory and expenses, advancing levels of process automation, and more configurable workflows. Stay tuned for the exciting developments ahead!

A true industry game changer

Optimize Spend completely changes the way you think about your subscriptions spend and enforces cost awareness across the entire organization. With Optimize, TRG Screen are the only vendor offering market data spend, usage, compliance and enquiry products from one provider as an integrated offering. A true game changer for the industry!

Clients realize immediate ROI and long-term cost savings (up to 30%), transparency into purchased subscriptions, improved workflows, and a higher degree of compliance with their vendor contracts.

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