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How can financial firms better manage spiraling market data costs

How can financial firms better manage spiraling market data costs?

Global spending on financial market data and news has continued its decade long growth-streak with revenues jumping 4.7% to a record $37.3 billion in 2022 and with Burton-Taylor International Consulting 2023 figures imminent, similar increases in spending are expected.

Although real-time trading and data spending accounted for the largest share of total revenues, strong demand for pricing, referencing and valuation data also drove spending.

Why legal software developers cannot ignore the use of APIs

APIs: A buzzword, or the way forward for (legal) software development?

API-first software development is becoming more and more popular. The benefits of developing with Application Programming Interfaces cannot be ignored and significantly impact the uptake and longevity of an application. And this couldn’t be more true for the legal sector. The unique workflows of legal professionals demand this collaborative approach to software development: tailored access, top-notch security, and boosted efficiency. Are firms ready for the uptake?