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Meet the CEO: TRG Screen’s Walters says Vista investment will be good for customers

TRG Screen’s newly appointed CEO, Leigh Walters, joined the company in 2017 and has more than two decades of experience in the technology and financial service industries.

Meet the CEO TRG Screen’s Walters talks about Vista investment

Leigh boasts a diverse professional background across various key business functions. Prior to TRG Screen, he held positions within DTCC and Thomson Reuters, amassing valuable insights into market data and software, both as a buyer and a vendor.

Appointed in the wake of Vista Equity Partners’ strategic growth investment in TRG Screen, Walters answers questions about the impact of the deal and why it’s good news for the firms customers.

Why TRG Screen partnered with Vista

The decision to partner with Vista Equity Partners is a significant move. Could you please explain the strategic reasoning behind TRG Screen's choice to join forces with Vista?

Walters: Vista Equity Partners invests exclusively in enterprise software, data and technology-enabled businesses.

Vista aligns seamlessly with our long-term vision, emphasizing the potential for harnessing enterprise software's capabilities to augment our leadership in market data and information subscription spend and usage management. 

Vista's robust team of investors, operators, technologists and seasoned entrepreneurs understand nuances, challenges and opportunities in the enterprise software sector. We are confident that this alliance will serve as a catalyst for our accelerated growth trajectory.

What practical difference will the investment make

How will Vista's substantial investment translate into practical benefits for TRG Screen and its stakeholders?

Walters: Vista's investment capital will allow TRG Screen to expedite product innovation, augment our talent pool and accelerate our go-to-market strategies to meet the mounting demand for transparency, compliance and control of market data and information consumption. 

The investment follows TRG Screen's remarkable achievements in delivering premier subscription spend and usage management capabilities with compliance, reporting and policy management tools. Our partnership with Vista will further facilitate the expansion of our software and managed service offerings to meet the market's growing appetite for best-in-class solutions.

This will undoubtedly include our focus on AI, which is a key component of our flagship Optimize Insights product, and on security (infosec/cyber) to ensure our customers’ data remains safe.

What customers can expect

Can you outline the tangible advantages that TRG Screen's clients can anticipate from this partnership?

Walters: For our valued clients, this partnership heralds a new era of opportunities, innovation and enhanced value. Vista's partnership will provide us with the resources needed to scale up and deliver the solutions our clients depend upon.

The injection of capital from Vista will enable us to develop and expand our product lines, while additional initiatives are aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience. Our unwavering focus on innovation will reinforce our product leadership in the market, and the broadening market outreach will allow us to introduce our products to a wider client base.

How it will impact the TRG Screen team

TRG Screen is celebrated for the expertise of its staff. Do you anticipate any alterations in this aspect under the new partnership?

Walters: First of all, the company as a whole will benefit from the many years of experience, the profound expertise and the best practices that Vista brings.

Throughout my tenure, our team has demonstrated remarkable adaptability, evolving to emerge as industry leaders. We remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing our exceptional team and broadening our service offerings to consistently deliver transformative outcomes for our clients worldwide.

How Vista will be involved in the business

How actively involved will Vista be in the day-to-day operations of TRG Screen?

Walters: As investors and board members, Vista's team will provide their expertise and collaborate with our leadership team to ensure effective and sustained growth.

Vista's unique perspective may prompt certain operational adjustments to optimize our performance and efficiency, the core principles and values of TRG Screen will remain unchanged. Our leadership team will continue to steer the ship, providing stability and continuity in our business operations.

What makes TRG Screen different?

These are exciting times for TRG Screen. What differentiates the company from the competition?

Walters: No one has a better offering than we do. It’s a powerful mix of purpose-built technology steeped in best practice honed over years, and a team of experts to ensure clients make the most of their market data and information service subscriptions.

How does it feel to be CEO?

Finally, taking on the role of CEO is a significant responsibility. How do you feel about leading TRG Screen into this new chapter?

Walters: It is an immense privilege and responsibility. Since my arrival, I have had the honor of being part of this exceptional organization, and I am deeply enthusiastic about leading the company at this pivotal moment. 

It is a testament to our collective dedication and vision, and I am excited for the journey ahead; guiding TRG Screen towards continued success and growth in the financial and technology sectors.

TRG Screen's partnership with Vista Equity Partners signifies a pivotal moment in our company's history. Thank you to our colleagues, customers and partners your continued support and trust in TRG Screen.

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