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ResearchHub: Research & other online subscriptions on the go - securely!

At TRG Screen we realize the importance of having access to your research and other online subscriptions anytime anywhere, but equally how important it is to have access in a secure way. And so ResearchHub was born. It is an optional add-on for any of our ResearchMonitor subscribers, and it's currently in demand!

ResearchHub Research & other online subscriptions on the go

Efficiently manage your suite of online resources - from anywhere!

Remote working has become the norm, and having access to the data you need at a moment's notice, or to simply work more efficiently even when out of office has become commonplace, and sometimes expected. Expecting business users to be in the office to be allowed access to research or other online subscriptions is no longer sustainable.

Offered as an optional add-on to the ResearchMonitor usage tracking software solution from TRG Screen, ResearchHub provides a central hub for accessing research and other online enterprise subscriptions from mobile and personal devices - without losing control.

Remote working, in a secure way.

A major concern for IT departments with the workforce's exodus from on premises during COVID-19 was cybersecurity. Thankfully, TRG Screen's access control and password security already available through ResearchMonitor made this a seamless transition. So too, is this the case with mobile access to your online subscriptions via ResearchHub. The solution offers:

  • One convenient launch point to seamlessly access online enterprise subscriptions on mobile and personal devices
  • Secure management of credentials for validated access to subscription services without the need to log-in
  • Integration with a wide range of vendors and internal systems, with major research providers ready-to-go
  • Secure access to passwords, kept in sync with those in ResearchMonitor
  • Plug-and-play access to vendors such as Vable (Linex), Ozmosys, Bloomberg Law, Manzama, Lexis News Desk, or any other internally procured


Administrator controls on-premises as well as mobile access

Not only do team members have remote access, but team leaders benefit from the same valuable usage tracking and reporting they've become accustomed to with ResearchMonitor. Usage data from ResearchHub feeds back into ResearchMonitor reports, providing valuable insight into the use of subscription services even from mobile platforms - no data is lost.

While ResearchHub may be an add-on, it integrates seamlessly with the administrative controls of ResearchMonitor allowing management the full scope of usage tracking - monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Want to learn how to benefit from on-the-go mobile access without losing usage tracking controls?

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