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ResearchMonitor adds support for the new Chromium version of the Microsoft Edge browser

TRG Screen is pleased to announce the release of ResearchMonitor Web Extensions version 2.3.0 which adds support for the new "Chromium" version of the Microsoft Edge browser.


"Chromium" is the open source engine which powers the Google Chrome web browser. Microsoft announced that, from their January 2020 update to Windows 10, the Microsoft Edge browser will switch from a proprietary engine to using the Chromium engine.

The updated Chromium-based Microsoft Edge makes deployment of the ResearchMonitor browser extension easier for your IT Department by no longer requiring deployment via the Microsoft Store - it is now deployed via Group Domain Policy just like the Google Chrome extension. Also, TRG Screen has consolidated the code base so the same browser extension software can be used for both Google Chrome and for Microsoft Edge.

We recommend you contact your IT Department to understand when the January 2020 release of Windows 10 will be deployed within your organization so they can make preparations to deploy the updated ResearchMonitor extension in order to enjoy uninterrupted coverage of ResearchMonitor within the Edge browser.

For more information from Microsoft about their change to the Chromium engine for Edge visit

Release notes for RM Web Extension 2.3.0 can be found here on the support portal. Also check the Deployment instructions or the ResearchMonitor roadmap.

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