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TRG Screen launches 'RISE Together' wellness program

On Monday March 19th, 2021 we launched 'RISE Together', a 6-week all-company wellness & fitness program. Bringing employees together from across all regions.

RISE Together Wellness Program

What does the 6-week wellness program involve?

  • Opportunity for employees to participate in a group steps challenge
  • Benefit from pre-recorded weekly nutrition videos
  • Take part in movement exercises through weekly mobility videos
  • Halfway check in point - group Q&A session with fitness professional coach Sarah Connolly
  • Group slack channel to keep each other motivated and accountable throughout the 6-weeks

Group Steps Challenge

Over the next 6 weeks as a company we will walk/run/cycle the distance from our New York office to Belfast office. If we hit this target within the 6-week timeframe we will extend the journey onto our Singapore office (giving our colleagues in London, Den Bosch, Paris, and Frankfurt a wave on the way by).

Total miles: 3173.03
Total steps: 6,342,000

Weekly Nutrition & fitness videos from coach Sarah Connolly

Over the 6 weeks the group will have access to pre-recorded content:
Nutrition Videos – released every Monday

  1. Weekly release of nutritional educational videos between 15-30mins long.
  2. These videos help employees close gaps in their nutrition by increasing awareness of what they are currently doing and what needs to change for immediate feel-good effects.
  3. Help employees build their own nutrition plans
  4. Results in weight release, increased energy and mental performance for the work
Mobility Videos – released every Wednesday
  1. Weekly 15-20 minutes movement follow along videos, that can be done anywhere and with no equipment.

Recognition Awards

Throughout the 6 weeks, recognition awards will be awarded to employees who are making significant contributions to help the group meet the target.

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