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Take back control of your usage management & cost recovery processes

While your firm may have a dedicated team of information professionals handling your online subscriptions in house, does the department have access to transparent and accurate usage information on those subscriptions? Chances are they are relying on vendor fed data, and this takes the control of subscriptions budget out of their hands. Furthermore, the data is being analysed in isolation, rather than as a comprehensive overview across all subscriptions.

Usage management

With a centrally controlled system, teams are able to compare basic usage over the firm’s subscriptions across the board as and when the need arises.

Are you taking full advantage of subscriptions already in place?

When it comes to budgeting, team leaders need statistics at their fingertips; and to make educated decisions on prioritizing their subscriptions. Firms need detailed metrics to be sure they are taking full advantage of the subscriptions they already have in place, before purchasing unnecessary add ons.

Cost recovery

Cost recovery can also be difficult to validate through third party metrics. This output data often falls short of actual hours spent. Transparent usage data linked to project specific research requests - that have allocated costs assigned to them - makes it possible to validate costs, and streamline accounting processes.

Through a centralized usage management system such as ResearchMonitor, information professionals within your organization feel empowered to make subscriptions decisions supported by accurate data always at their disposal, and it gives them confidence in budgeting proposals based on metrics linked to project specific outcomes, and actual hours spent.

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