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TRG Screen completes 6 week 'RISE Together' wellness program

From April 19th to May 31st, 2021 TRG Screen took part in 'RISE Together', a 6-week all-company wellness & fitness program. Bringing employees together from across all regions.

TRG Screen Wellness Challenge

What did the 6-week wellness program involve?

  • Employees participated in a group steps challenge
  • Benefited from pre-recorded weekly nutrition videos
  • Took part in movement exercises through weekly mobility videos
  • Halfway check in point - group Q&A session with fitness professional coach Sarah Connolly
  • Group slack channel to keep each other motivated and accountable throughout the 6-weeks

Group Steps Challenge

We set a target of 3173.03 miles, equivalent of 6,342,000 steps, the distance from our New York to Belfast office. The team did amazing and smashed this target within the first 2 weeks. We then extended our journey onto our Singapore office (giving our colleagues in London, Den Bosch, Paris, and Frankfurt a wave on the way by), upping our target to a total of 9,521 miles, equivalent of 20 million steps.The team shared photos along the way of their various locations across the globe! It was great to see the team come together to complete this target within the 6 week time-frame.

Weekly Nutrition & fitness videos from fitness coach Sarah Connolly

Over the 6 weeks employees had access to pre-recorded content. Every Monday we released nutritional educational videos. These videos helped employees close gaps in their nutrition by increasing awareness of what they are currently doing and what needs to change for immediate feel-good effects. This resulted in weight release, increased energy and mental performance for the work environment. Every Wednesday we released 20-40 minute yoga videos, where employees could follow along from home with no equipment.

One Team

As a group we did an amazing job in reaching our goal within the 6 weeks. "It’s so impressive what we can achieve when we work together as One Team globally. I want to congratulate everyone that contributed to our success. Whether you ran 10 miles every day or were able to fit in a 15 minute walk at lunch, your efforts played a critical role in the overall outcome and helped us achieve our goals as a TEAM!!" said Steve Matthews, CEO at TRG Screen.

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