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Mindfulness and Meditation Month at TRG Screen

In the month of September, as part of the TRG RISE Together Wellness Program the TRG Screen staff took part in a 4-week mindfulness & meditation challenge. 

Mindfulness & Meditation Month

Guided meditations 

For the month of September the TRG RISE team curated a meditation series playlist. Each weekday for 4 weeks a new guided meditation was shared and employees were encouraged to take the time to listen and meditate.  For many, this was their first time meditating so it was a great opportunity to come together as a group and share their mindfulness and meditation experience with colleagues.

We started off  with 2 minute meditations, gradually building it up to 20 minute meditations by the end of the 4 weeks. These quick and powerful meditations are useful in day-to-day work and personal life, they included areas such as 'Dealing with Distractions', 'Quick Confidence', 'Finding Calm and Serenity', 'Preparing for a Meeting'. 

The benefits of meditation 

Meditating is a practice that we can all incorporate into our daily routines that can come with benefits such as:

  • Building skills to deal with stress
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Reducing negative feelings
  • Increasing  creativity
  • Improving patience and tolerance

Restoring your calm & inner peace

The group have learnt how to use the practice of meditation when they need it the most, from wherever they are — whether they're out for a walk, in the office, before a meeting or even in the middle of a difficult situation. Spending a few minutes meditating can reshape your thinking and restore your calm and inner peace.

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