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TRG Screen does the "Noon Walk"

From February 1st - March 31st 2022, the TRG Screen team completed the 'Noon Walk' challenge, part of the TRG RISE together wellness & fitness program. 

TRG RISE 'Noon Walk' Challenge

Noon Walkin' in February & March 

During February & March the TRG Screen team took part in the 'Noon Walk' challenge. This was a company-wide initiative encouraging employees to take time out during the day and walk 1 mile (or more) each day at midday for 2 months.

Each day daily reminders were posted in the slack channel, prompting the team to stay active and get away from their desks. The group slack channel brought together employees from across all regions, keeping each other motivated and accountable throughout the 2 months. Each week there was a different photo challenge encouraging participants to share photos while out on their walk - it was great to see photos of all the beautiful places the team live across the globe, and their very cute furry friends 🐶

TRG RISE together program

The TRG RISE together program promotes fitness and wellbeing across TRG Screen through different challenges and initiatives throughout the year. 

TRG RISE - Noon Walk Challenge

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