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TRG Screen Open for Business during Social Distancing

Due to social distancing restrictions and work-from-home, TRG Screen has temporarily moved its operations to virtualized environments. We closed our physical offices effective March 16th, but we are "open for business” as usual.

TRG Screen Open for Business

The TRG Screen team is very used to working and communicating via conference calls and apps such as GoToMeeting and Slack and disruption to business has been minimal, if at all. For both internal & external work flows, teams are attending scheduled meetings via phone or video, sticking to usual business hours and responding to emails in a timely manner.

Customer Success and Support is working remotely and seamlessly with a full team available to help across all of our products. Should you need help with product deployment or to ensure full effectiveness, please reach out to the CS team. And a reminder that hosted clients can operate Quest on their mobile devices.

We are very grateful to our team for picking up with these new protocols so quickly and proactively, and encourage you to reach out with any queries you may have regarding operations at this time.

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