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FITS — market data management software

Streamline and bring transparency & control to your spend on market data and enterprise subscriptions with FITS

Do you struggle to understand the scope and cost of market data & enterprise subscriptions? Do you rely on overly complex and time-consuming spreadsheets to try and track them?

TRG Screen’s FITS platform* gives you the clarity you need to take control of all your market data & enterprise subscription spend across the enterprise, saving you time and money.

(*We have released our brand-new Optimize Spend platform, bringing together our market leading products – FITS and INFOmatch – with major functionality enhancements to provide a best-of-breed subscription spend management solution. Tell me more.)

Streamline spend management of subscription-based services

FITS is — next to INFOmatch — one of TRG Screen’s two spend management platforms. Our spend management software serves several types of organizations and supports many departments — all having their specific needs and requirements when it comes to managing different types of information services.

With the offering of both FITS & INFOmatch we enable any firm to streamline their spend management, reduce costs, and make informed financial decisions about subscription-based services — including market data, software, research, information services, consulting, and more.

Want to bring transparency & control to your spend on enterprise subscriptions?

Learn how FITS can optimize your spend.

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FITS — spend management solution

FITS (Financial Information Tracking System) enables clients to manage billions of dollars in recurring costs across multiple expense categories. With FITS, vendor contracts, procurement, invoicing, and expense allocations can be expertly managed. It provides streamlined inventory management, enterprise-wide transparency & visibility of inventory and costs, easy identification of cost reduction opportunities, data integrity & consistency, improved vendor & exchange compliance, and precise financial reporting & budgeting.

FITS provides detailed reporting down to the employee-level and accurate control of all commercial & financial relationships with vendors. This allows you to maximize the return on every dollar spent. Our clients realize direct cost savings ranging from 2%-30%, totaling over $300 million in savings to date.

FITS brings clarity to the complex environments of the world’s leading financial institutions and professional services organizations. With operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific we manage over $8.5 billion in market data and enterprise subscription spend across more than 200+ locations worldwide and over 50 countries. Let FITS carry the load, while you focus on adding value.

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Our solutions serve several types of organizations and support many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — both FITS and INFOmatch enable any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.