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Best practices for 2022-23: Customer satisfaction survey

Annually, TRG Screen conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey where clients are given the opportunity to provide feedback on TRG Screen’s support and services - and identify areas for improvement - assisting our teams with roadmaps for improved customer satisfaction.

annual customer satisfaction survey

The survey consisted of a short but insightful set of questions for each of our core products including numerous opportunities within the survey for open-ended answers to gain crucial individual client feedback. Questions were consistent with past surveys allowing our analysts to compare data from past years.

Net Promoter Score +50% and a 96% retention rate

Perhaps one of the most telling insights into customer satisfaction is NPS, or Net Promoter Score. Clients are asked the simple question of how likely they would be to recommend our products.

TRG Screen’s overall NPS increased with more than 50% - in comparison to last year’s survey results - to 46 (industry benchmark for B2B SaaS companies sits at 30), showing our team’s consistent work ethic and commitment to providing clients with a product and service they can vouch for.

We are also incredibly proud of TRG Screen’s 96% retention rate this past year.

Informed satisfaction roadmaps for 2022-23 🗺️

Based on this survey feedback, TRG Screen Customer Success teams have been able to formulate a comprehensive and informed roadmap of action points to steer customer satisfaction for the coming year.

Salesforce as global support system 

TRG Screen is continually striving to enhance client experience, not just in using our products, but also in how we support our customers. With the goal of excellent support in mind, we are excited to announce that we will be rolling out Salesforce as our global support system across products mid year 2022.

Among the many enhancements you will see as part of this move are:

  • New, modern portal for viewing your cases and submitting new service requests, enhancements requests, or questions
  • New workflow giving you more transparency into the status of your cases
  • Brand new easily searchable knowledge base for finding how-to articles, training materials, videos, release notes, and much more
  • Email-to-case functionality that will automatically create a case when you email our support team.

More improvements in the pipeline 💡

Also, more products are being integrated into a single platform – Optimize. With Optimize, TRG Screen will be the only vendor offering integrated subscription spend, usage, compliance and enquiry products from one provider. Look out for more information on this product's development.

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