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Digital Rights Management software from TRG Screen

There’s a lot of buzz in the industry at the moment on contractual rights management (also known as digital rights management). TRG Screen is right at the center of working to provide a complete solution to our customers to extract and capture your rights, interpret them, socialize them within your organization, and stay in compliance with them.


Our award-winning PEAR service provides a single point of reference for usage rights for all your exchange services. The ACT (Application Compliance Tool) provides a tool to manage details of your internal applications, survey the application owners, and link applications to the exchange services they’re consuming, to ensure you stay compliant and notify application owners when exchange agreements change

Contractual Rights Management module for our Spend Management platform

We are in the process of building a brand new Contractual Rights Management module for FITS due for release at the end of the year. Thank you very much those of you who joined our client working groups where we discussed the pain points for rights management and captured your requirements. The first release – directly based on client feedback – will include a new repository to store your contractual rights backed by a data dictionary of over 50 types of contractual terms. It will also include a portal which will allow your business users and developers to view the contractual usage terms for the services they subscribe to or develop with. We plan to extend these capabilities to the INFOmatch client base.

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We have an active proof-of-concept leveraging contract parsing technology which uses advanced rules, AI and machine learning to parse PDF and MS Word contracts and extract the relevant contractual terms. If you would like to be part of the trial please get in touch. Assuming the POC works well this is a capability we will be building into the software next year. We also plan additional releases of functionality for this next year to add visibility of contractual rights during ordering and surveys/certification, and potentially integrating to ResearchMonitor so users are prompted with their usage rights and data sharing restrictions when they log into web-based market data and research services.

Monitor your ingress of data feeds

TRG Screen also offers Xmon which provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring the ingress of data feeds – such as Bloomberg Data License and Refinitiv DataScope – in to your organization and the flow, and lineage, of data as it’s shared between internal systems. This allows any requests for non-compliant data to be flagged and reported as they are happening.

All of these capabilities are backed up by our extensive TRG Screen Consultants capability, with expert consultants available to help you understand and interpret your contractual obligations.

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