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How this AmLaw 100 firm doubled its efficiency in a pandemic

With most companies still dealing with a virtual workforce, coordinating how to manage any type of request efficiently has become a critical issue. Onboarding Quest means businesses have the potential to double their efficiency across a remote working administrative team - like this AmLaw 100 client did.

the quest for request management by an amLaw 100 firm

This AmLaw 100 Law firm unveils their success story after expanding the use of Quest outside of Information Services.

While their Information Services team was already using Quest, the firm looked into implementing the request tracking software to boost efficiency in their Administrative Services department - to better handle their 150+ daily requests each with varying degrees of urgency, importance, and confidentiality.

Peace of mind even with a remote workforce 🌐

Not only did implementing the system boost efficiency, but it also brought peace of mind for a global company who now had so many staff working remotely - and the bonus of valuable reports and metrics, not to mention integration with their time tracking and billing systems.

Before implementing Quest, the firm’s Director of Administrative Services had no automated way to track, allocate and resolve incoming requests, and furthermore a lack of visibility and control over workloads as well as an inability to view metrics and run reports meant requests sometimes fell through the cracks. 

So what was the solution? And how was it implement it? ⚙️

Interested to hear more about this firm’s success story even in the face of a global pandemic? Read the full case study below for further insight.

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