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Outsourcing the market data management function: fairytale or reality?

What’s next? A question that many market data managers will often ask themselves. What? And how? Everyone wants to be best in class, but what should you and your firm do to obtain that position? It seems difficult. Almost impossible. But if you think about this strategically, you will discover that the answer to that question can only be found if you understand how your business generates revenue by using market data services.

Managed Services - Outsourcing market data management

Understanding how your business users make money and knowing how dependent they are on the availability and functionality of their market data services, will determine how willing your business is to spend money on people, hardware, software and content. This is what you must figure out. As simple as that. So, do it!

The Challenges of Managing Market Data

One thought that must have crossed your mind is if you should outsource some simple or perhaps complex market data tasks to a specialist firm. Or potentially outsource everything. Completely! Do you…

  • Find it difficult to find the right resources & expert knowledge to manage your market data and other corporate subscriptions?
  • Need to reduce market data operating costs and increase savings & transparency?
  • Want to improve accuracy of your market data for better reporting and protecting compliance?

Stop worrying! We offer our clients the possibility to outsource or augment elements of the work associated with their market data management.

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How Managed Services can Solve your Problems

More and more of our clients are taking advantage of the value that this creates for them. TRG Screen’s expertise goes beyond the administration aspect of market data cost and contract management. Our Managed Services can broadly be provided through the following building blocks:

  1. Administration: Invoice reconciliation | Inventory management
  2. Expert Assistance: Contract, Vendor & Demand management | Audit support
  3. ADS - Declaration Service: Exchange & Vendor reporting | Natural user netting, incl. MISU

ROI Business Case for a complete customized solution

In a unique combination of process automation and subject matter expertise our Managed Services offerings provides a compelling business case for those end-user firms that are having to focus their time and attention to other business matters.

Governed by a Statement of Work, the extent and coverage of these building blocks are agreed upon with every client and depending on specific requirements translated into a complete customized solution. We understand that flexibility is key! (Have you already seen our client success story on how Allianz Global Investors implemented a managed service solution to manage their market data?)

TRG Screen’s Managed Services benefits include:

  • Highest quality - dedicated staff that knows the industry and products
  • Lowest costs - highest rates of accuracy & efficiency through automation, saving you both time and money
  • Peace of mind - extremely high employee retention rate since 1998

Want to learn how our Managed Services solutions can add value to your business?

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