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Why & how to improve team collaboration and automate workflows when managing internal business requests?

In today's world where many are working remotely effective workflows and strong collaboration within library, research, market data, information & central admin teams are essential.

Team collaboration workflows request management system

Quest suits bespoke workflow processes and facilitates better teamwork to improve visibility of workflows and shared workload within your teams, no matter where professionals are based.

In work from home work spaces where face-to-face communication is low working out of a shared mailbox or spreadsheet can prove cumbersome and requires more communication than preferable. Complex projects become hard to visualize and important service requests don’t always stand out.

Quest allows individuals to monitor activity with minute-by-minute updates, track their own work tasks, and creates an awareness of requests and progress being made across the team.

Quest's concept of workstreams make the system adaptable to different projects types, allowing for unique workflows per the needs of each different team.

Learn more on how to automate your workflow processes and facilitate better teamwork.

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