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Request Management Self-Assessment — how good are your current workflows?

Request management workflow tools launch your service from good enough to best practice. These platforms take over the heavy lifting of data management involved with a busy enquiry service freeing up your team's time to focus on doing what they do best: creative problem solving, customer service and collaboration. Can your firm achieve these benefits?

Request management workflow tool

TRG Screen has launched a new simple self-assessment to identify the gaps between your
current practice and best practice, and see how a request management workflow tool could move you from good to great.

Are you using spreadsheets, email and the occasional sticky note? You’re not alone.

A comprehensive request management system, creates order. If business requests are in shared inboxes, spreadsheets, task lists and different systems, you can’t keep track of urgency, priorities or progress. Work in progress 'vanishes' when a colleague goes on leave or takes off sick. Perhaps most importantly however, manual processes so many organizations rely on make it difficult if not impossible determine value. What impact do request management services have on the business? How could you be increasing value?

How to identify workflows that may be letting you down

Take our self-assessment on request management. Quest from TRG Screen is a request management tool that helps track, prioritise, allocate and resolve requests. It ensures you have the information at your fingertips to determine:

  • If the team is missing something urgent and/or missing deadlines
  • You are spending too much time on lesser-valued tasks
  • If available capacity matches demand for services

Want to determine how much value improving your workflows could add to your business?

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