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Juggling online security while streamlining usage workflows

As a result of Covid-19 many businesses have maintained work from home office hours even as things return to a relative normal. Work from home has its advantages but one concerning factor at the top of every IT department’s mind is security. Managing user behaviors within enterprise subscriptions consistently across a firm is a challenging enough task as it is - especially when the number of users accessing those subscriptions is high. With so much remote working this challenge becomes even greater.

ResearchMonitor streamlining work from home subscription usage

Boost security, breakdown workflow? Not anymore.

Certainly many firms have felt the need to boost online security within their business, but this can lead to a breakdown in workflow - this is where ResearchMonitor comes in. With ResearchMonitor, you can control real-time access of your online resources, present popup messages to redirect users to a different platform, and configure end user workflows to streamline research and access of data. This provides seamless access for users and reduces password administration.

Large firms especially may be dealing with a myriad of license agreements — including market data, research, software, and information services. Some licenses are available enterprise wide, while others are usernames and passwords per user. Some are based on office locations, while others offer a pool of credentials for the firm to manage.

Having better control of user access, also ensures better compliance of vendor licenses - and there is no longer a tendency for users to share usernames and passwords and breach contract. Furthermore, ResearchMonitor provides full transparency surrounding the access of online content, helps prevent access for terminated employees, and prevents usage that could breach license terms.

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Learn more about the benefits of onboarding ResearchMonitor in this animation.

ResearchMonitor Animation

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