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Surveying requestor sentiment in Quest 18.3

TRG Screen is pleased to announce Quest version 18.3 has been released. This release adds a new requestor sentiment survey used for evaluating the quality of responses when requests are resolved.


Requestor Sentiment Survey

Quest provides a variety of quantitative measures for evaluating team member performance and the utilization of the research department by requestors. This version, 18.3, introduces a new way of capturing qualitative metrics by adding a configurable survey that is sent to a requestor once a request is resolved.

Quest Survey

The survey is used to determine how satisfied a requestor was with the quality of the response received and the quality of the interaction with the research team. Additional context can also be provided through the survey form.

The survey results will appear on the request form and in a new report but will only be visible to users with the appropriate level of permission.

Clients can configure how frequently surveys are sent and can decide whether to send surveys automatically or manually.

For details of all the enhancements and changes in this release please review the release notes which can be accessed via the support portal. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Quest Support or your relationship manager for details.

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