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From 'chaos' to order in your request management processes

By utilising a request management system you can ensure you are spending time on the most important activities, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Comprehensive data about requests, urgency, process and progress at your fingertips not only ensures transparency, but frees up your time to attend to priority requests that most need your attention.

Why you need to use a request management system

Ideal for WFH environments

A centralized hub to track requests ensures team members locally and globally have access to progress reports, transparent communications and task management despite varying locations and time zones.

TRG Screen's Quest ensures all team members can collaborate on and track requests, and that ultimately, not only will this ensure better workflows, but also serve as a knowledge base to be utilized in the future. Leverage previous work to respond to new requests, and create FAQs and other self-service resources with ease.

Custom reports for KPIs

Having a comprehensive request management service also allows you to better understand your team's performance and immediately bring up and share insights. With management metrics on hand, you will always be aware of whether you are on target, and meet deadlines. (Have you already seen our client success story on how an AmLaw 100 Law Firm doubled its efficiency by implementing Quest?)

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