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New Response Bot in Quest 18.2

TRG Screen is pleased to announce Quest version 18.2 has been released. This release updates the recently introduced "Quest Pro" module with a machine-learning powered automatic response bot that continues to expand on the automation and intelligence features in the product.

Latest update to Quest request management system

Automatic Response Bot

The automated response bot consists of two new components:

  • An automated response engine for answering requests and providing suggestions to assignees.
  • A configurable knowledge base containing question and answer pairs used by the bot to determine appropriate responses.

request management response bot

The response bot has various options allowing you to find a balance between automation and oversight that works best for your users. This feature employs machine-learning technology to improve responses over time.

What is Quest Pro?

As a reminder, Quest Pro is a new licensable module that can be added to your subscription. Phase 1 introduced event-based business rules, which are configurable automated actions that are applied to requests once they arrive in the system.

Upcoming plans include automating docket retrieval, similar request identification and additional business rules including time-based actions. Quest Pro replaced the Time Management module, so if you previously licensed that module, you’ll automatically receive the new Pro features as they’re introduced.

For details of all the enhancements and changes in this release please review the release notes which can be accessed via the support portal. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Quest Support or your relationship manager for details.

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