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[PRESS] TRG Screen Enables Firms to Fully Manage and Optimize Subscription Spend

Optimize Spend 1.0 launched, underpinned by usability and interoperability

New York, London – June 30, 2021 – TRG Screen, the leading provider of enterprise subscription management solutions, has released Optimize Spend to bring together its market leading products – FITS and INFOmatch – with major functionality enhancements to provide a best-of-breed subscription spend management solution.

TRG Screen Enables Firms to Fully Manage and Optimize Subscription Spend

Optimize Spend – The next generation of market data spend management

Optimize Spend is a major component of TRG Screen’s new Optimize platform launched in 2020. It brings together TRG Screen’s extensive capabilities for managing, tracking usage, ensuring compliance and optimizing all aspects of enterprise market data, information and third-party vendor subscriptions and vendor relationships. It enables financial services, law firms and blue-chip corporations to fully monitor, manage and optimize their subscription spend to drive cost efficiencies.

“This is the first phase of TRG Screen’s multi-million-dollar investment in the Optimize platform to bring together all of our valuable capabilities under a single solution. It will drive the next generation in market data management, demonstrating our continuous commitment to pioneer subscription management solutions for the financial industry,” comments Richard Mundell, Chief Product Officer for TRG Screen.

Optimize Spend – Built on modern web technologies and developed to serve the needs of market data and other enterprise subscription managers

Optimize Spend includes a feature set that embraces the capabilities and experience built into its predecessor products over the last 20 years. Built on modern web technologies and developed to serve the needs and expertise of market data and other enterprise subscription managers, Optimize Spend is focused on workflows that solve vendor and contract management problems.

TRG Screen has reimagined the user experience providing depth of functionality for even the most complex of use cases, managed through a logical and intuitive interface. Training and workflow walk-throughs are built into the product to aid immediate productivity and easy adoption of new features. In addition to the streamlined interface:

  • Extensive new API functionality is now available which allows users to develop their own bespoke integrations which read data from, and write data into, the Optimize platform.
  • Optimize Spend 1.0 debuts new cost-savings focus screens allowing users to easily identify unused, underused, and cancellable licenses.
  • Additional invoice workflow capabilities have been added, building on the invoice straight-through-processing capabilities that Optimize Spend has inherited from its predecessors.
  • Further iterative new features will continue to be developed, with an 18 month-ahead roadmap which is directly shaped by client requirements, with a customer-centric product process directly incorporating user feedback throughout design and development.

“Optimize Spend is available to our customers as an in-place upgrade. We’ll be working closely with them to make it as straight forward and seamless as possible, to get them up and running with these great new features and capabilities,” said Mundell.

Optimize - a completely flexible and scalable platform

Optimize is a completely flexible and scalable platform, able to deliver value to firms with only a few vendor relationships through to those managing hundreds of millions of dollars of subscriptions. TRG Screen enables more than 500 organizations worldwide to monitor and manage their high value enterprise subscriptions, delivering up to 30% cost savings.

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