• Six benefits of a market data inventory system
  • Migrating to a modern market data administration platform
  • Extending the platform’s use beyond market data
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Download free whitepaper '8-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Market Data Inventory Platform'

Market data inventory platforms have been helping financial institutions to track, manage and control their market data and related expenses for decades. But with the advance of technology and significant investment in the industry, is now the time to consider the strengths of your current platform, or in some cases, the possibility of migrating to a modern platform?

This  8-step guide delivers a valuable checklist of benefits, functions and vendor capabilities to evaluate when considering a supplier of market data inventory platforms. They also provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their current platforms, the view of market data managers towards migrating to alternative platforms and their appetite for using them for tracking an expanded range of services across the financial enterprise.