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outsourced market data declaration managed service

Is managing your exchange & vendor reporting processes a challenge? Our Declaration Service can help!

Did you know? Market data is the third largest overhead for the banking industry.

This is due to exchanges introducing ever evolving policies regarding the use of market data in areas such as non-display, derived data creation and data usage within applications. Are you a market data professional constantly challenged as to how to interpret market data policies and declare usage accurately based on the market data structure of your firm?

Managed Services - Outsourcing market data management

Outsourcing the market data management function: fairytale or reality?

What’s next? A question that many market data managers will often ask themselves. What? And how? Everyone wants to be best in class, but what should you and your firm do to obtain that position? It seems difficult. Almost impossible. But if you think about this strategically, you will discover that the answer to that question can only be found if you understand how your business generates revenue by using market data services.