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2022: A transformative year in financial market data?

2022: A transformative year in financial market data?

Five themes to watch in ever-changing data market


Managed services market forecast to grow

The world of financial market data never stands still but 2022 is shaping up to be especially challenging for consumers of this vital information that underpins trade and investment in all financial assets.

Markets remain volatile, emphasizing the value of reliable and timely financial data. At the same time, inflation in the developed world is soaring for the first time in years, prompting firms to keep a hawkish eye on data costs and usage.


Data - it's the 'how' in asking for what your team needs

It’s difficult to ask for the resources your team needs when you can’t justify why you need them. As an information professional team leader, or team member, you might know that you need to right-size certain subscriptions, purchase new ones or do away with some that are being under-utilized - ultimately saving costs and boosting team efficiency - but it is difficult to justify this to management until you have established the reasons why, and can back them up.