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ResearchMonitor streamlining work from home subscription usage

Juggling online security while streamlining usage workflows

As a result of Covid-19 many businesses have maintained work from home office hours even as things return to a relative normal. Work from home has its advantages but one concerning factor at the top of every IT department’s mind is security. Managing user behaviors within enterprise subscriptions consistently across a firm is a challenging enough task as it is - especially when the number of users accessing those subscriptions is high. With so much remote working this challenge becomes even greater.

5 steps to secure vendor compliance

Checklist: 5 Steps to Secure Vendor Contract Compliance

There is a heavy price to pay for financial institutions that consume market data and other information sources but fail to comply with supplier contracts.

Getting to grips with data usage is a challenging task because there is so little existing infrastructure in place to track the use of information services, causing a real lack of transparency into actual data usage across a firm - leaving firms vulnerable. If you could easily understand access and usage, the benefits could be significant, don't you agree?