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search for clarity in an uncertain data landscape

The year ahead: a search for clarity in an uncertain data landscape

Inflation rates unseen in decades, spiraling energy costs, soaring interest rates and falling economic growth: uncertainty is everywhere this year and, especially for the unprepared, 2023 looks like being another challenge.

Domestic budgets are tight, as are those of financial firms large or small as some investors pull in their horns and try to figure how the current turmoil will play out. In this environment, everyone wants clarity and demands value for money.

Managing New Digital Assets Market Data Mix

Data, Data Everywhere: Managing New Digital Assets - Market Data Mix

The financial services industry is known for its complexity in terms of the multitude and proliferation of market participants, vendors, products, user requirements, agreements and pricing structures.

Alongside this, the global financial sector generates an enormous amount of data (measured today in petabytes i.e., 1,000s of terabytes), creating data capture and management challenges for all participants in the financial trading supply chain - sell and buy sides, data generators and consumers.

TRG Screen & VendEx Solutions Partner

[PRESS] TRG Screen & VendEx Solutions Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Digitization and Standard Identifiers for the Market Data Industry

VSource digital catalog enhances TRG Screen’s market data subscription optimization solutions

New York, San Francisco – October 13, 2022 – TRG Screen, the leading provider of enterprise subscription management solutions, announced that it has entered an agreement with VendEx Solutions, the centralized market data hub for financial services. The agreement includes the VSource solution, which enables customers to easily research and compare market data vendors, products and services.